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FREINO Z is an automatic locking karabiner with friction spur, designed for STOP (D009AA00) and SIMPLE (D004AA00) caving descenders. It allows the user to increase or control the braking action of the descent. It facilitates creation of a tie-off. FREINO Z can be rotated in order to make the descender loss-proof when transferred from gear loop to semi-circular karabiner. Descent control:
• spur provides additional braking action during descent
• easy to use and control. The rope can be quickly redirected over the friction spur and removed with one hand Easy handling:
• facilitates creation of a tie-off
• Keylock system, to avoid any involuntary snagging of the karabiner
• Material: Aluminium
• Weight: 75 g
• Lock type: Twist-Lock
• Major axis strength: 23 kN
• Minor axis strength: 8 kN
• Gate open strength: 8 kN
• Gate opening: 18 mm
• Gate opening for friction spur: 12 mm

Manufacturer Part No: M042AA00