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Designed for the transport of equipment on the approach and the "thread" necessary in the wall. Conveniently holds a container with water, food, clothes, shoes. It has been constructed in such a way so as not to restrict the freedom of movement while climbing and to adapt well to the anatomy: minimum size, profiled shoulder straps, breathable material from the back, retractable belt, side straps to reduce the size of the backpack. Stable and high on the shoulders, it does not restrict access to the harness

● Ergonomic shape ensures maximum freedom of movement for climbing and everyday use:
- capacity 18 litres,
- compact shape, hugging the back.

● Adaptable to mountain and everyday activities
- side tightening tapes,
- adjustable strap for attaching the rope to the backpack,
- a wide outer pocket, an inner compartment for a water bladder or a laptop, a wallet pocket, a pocket for a guide on the back,
- retractable belt,
- adjustable chest strap for greater stability of the backpack while climbing,

● Highly durable: bottom and sides are made of double high-strength material.

Colours:  grey or orange.
Capacity: 18 litres
Weight: 525gr
Model:   S71 (circa 2015-2020)

Manufacturer Part No: S71 O