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Self Drilling Expansion Anchor - 10mm

Self-drilling expansion bolt anchor, 15 mm diameter for 10 mm bolt.  This size works with Petzl Coeur Hangers, not for use with the Petzl Coudée and Petzl Vrillée bolts (8mm bolts).

Zinc-plated steel dowel fitted with an expansion cone to be placed on the hanger.

Use: Caving, canyoning, mountaineering, rescue activities, mountain rescue

Self-drilling thanks to its small teeth, the self-drilling ankle does not require a perforator to be installed. It is screwed at the end of the a device like the PERFO SPE or similar buffer device on which one taps with a hammer, while turning the ankle.

When the hole is made, remove the dust, then drive the dowel in with the hammer after having inserted its expansion cone inside.

The cone therefore spreads the dowel which is positively fixed, and then a hanger plate can be attached.

Features of Spit Anchor  self-drilling anchors:

  • Zinc-plated steel dowel to be placed on the buffer.
  • Dowel provided with an expansion cone.
  • 15 mm diameter
  • For 10 mm screws.
  • Sold individually = 1 plug and 1 expansion cone
  • Galvanized steel
  • Weight: 18 grams

Threaded bolt with integrated chuck suitable for Petzl 10mm Bolts.

Manufacturer Part No: P???