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July 21, 2018

Starting back in January this year (2018) Petzl started publishing what they are calling ACCESS BOOKS. An ACCESS BOOK is a downloadable booklet that provides a selection of techniques specific to an activity. To learn and/or review the techniques for your favourite activity, take advantage of the wealth of information provided in each ACCESS BOOK as you pursue your favourite projects from one season to the next.

We strongly recommend these to all outdoor enthusiasts. So far, they have released:

ACCESS BOOK #1: Belaying in a climbing gym

ACCESS BOOK #2: How to prepare and plan for a ski tour

ACCESS BOOK #3: Progression basics for via ferrata


Get these from Petzl's site https://www.petzl.com/INT/en/Sport/News/2018-1-3/Tech-tip-guides-by-Petzl