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Give your map-capable Garmin GPS a shot in the arm with richly detailed and easy-to-read topographical maps covering all of New Zealand. Topo4GPS offers vector mapping detail for most map-capable Garmin units, equivalent to 50k scale topo maps with tracks, huts, 20 metre contours, waterways, lakes, ground cover, fence lines, shelter belts, roads, railways and buildings. This special NZ Hunter edition also features DoC hunting block boundaries - so using your Garmin in the field you can be 100% certain whether or not you're within the permitted hunting block. Includes searchable: place names, roads, accommodation, topographic features, transport terminals and much more. Find nearest: Fuel, food, bank/ATM, hospital, hut, etc. too many to list! Included in each Topo4GPS NZ pack: * Micro-SD card pre-loaded with maps. Ready for use with most map-capable and all x series hand-held Garmin GPSs * SD card adapter for use in the Colorado(TM) and Nuvi(TM)

Manufacturer Part No: MMNZ2