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Petzl Headlamp Guide

Petzl headlamps and lighting sport range is broken into 4 categories:

  • CLASSIC headlamps - including e+Lite, Tikkina, Tikka, Zipka,
  • ACTIVE headlamps - including Actik, Actik Core, MYO
  • PERFORMANCE headlamps - including Reactik, NAO
  • SPECIALISED headlamps - Ultra series, Ultra Rush series, Tactikka Range

Petzl headlamp guide explained in more detail so you can choose a headlamp that meets your needs.

What are CLASSIC headlamps:

Simply... hands-free lighting! Lightweight, compact and easy to use, headlamps from the CLASSIC line provide proximity lighting for everyday family uses: camping, recreation, crafting, repair work the list goes on - everyone should own at least one!

What are ACTIVE headlamps:

Non-stop power! Compact and multi-beam, ACTIVE headlamps guarantee comfortable lighting over time. They respond to the need for versatility that comes with outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, bivouac, and mountaineering.

What are PERFORMANCE headlamps:

Beyond Power... Intelligence! The ultra-powerful headlamps from the PERFORMANCE line adapt their lighting automatically and instantly to the ambient light. Ideal for dynamic, high-commitment activities: trail running, technical mountaineering, ski touring you name it outdoors.

What are SPECIALISED headlamps:

For specialised activities such as caving, orienteering, cycling or hunting and fishing, the lighting needs are very specific, whether the lights are camouflaged, have backpack batteries or a massive number of lumens.

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